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Technology in Europe
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Who we are
Your equity partner for digital tech businesses in Europe
HPE Growth invests in fast-growing companies scaling at their early-to-mid growth stage. We bring equity and active support to help them execute on their vision to become market leaders.
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We invest in people.

HPE Growth partners with outstanding management teams that have succeeded in bringing scalable technology to the market and want to accelerate their business’ growth.
What we do
We invest in specialized sectors, partnering with teams ready to scale internationally.

Sustainability and Impact

We focus on businesses that leverage technology for positive change while adapting sustainable practices.

Early to mid-stage growth companies

We look for capital efficient, scalable companies with proven product-market fit and a defensible business model.

Proven technology

We select scalable and protected technology as proven by a reputable customer base.

Focus on Europe

We operate in an underserved but attractive market like European tech.
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HPE Growth presents itself as an investor that has ESG firmly embedded in its DNA. Given WeTransfer’s B Corp status, their collaborative approach makes them a very supportive partner with a focus on key value drivers and adding value when they know that they can. HPE was helpful in developing the subscription revenue side of WeTransfer’s business. They provided a clear roadmap on how to grow this aspect of the company and leveraged their sector expertise of best practices for growing SaaS companies.

Gordon Willoughby

Former CEO

We have developed a great deal of trust in our partnership with HPE. We know that their ongoing support plays a big role in building out our cutting-edge location marketing platform to connect local businesses with their customers, bridging online and offline.

Florian Hübner

Founder and Co-CEO at Uberall

HPE Growth is very supporting and capable of bringing both strategic and financial players into the fold. Their strong shared culture with individuals who are humble, open and very straightforward has allowed for a seamless and trusted partnership with PPRO. When it comes to investment solutions, HPE has demonstrated great creativity and execution, providing guidance in helping us structure deals and navigate this process.

Simon Black


HPE Growth has a balanced and structured approach towards value creation. Whenever Xempus faced a potential area for growth, we could always rely on HPE’s wider network. Their strong reputation and speed with which they understood the markets and business models with which Xempus operates made them stand at the forefront of other investors. Xempus “wouldn’t be anywhere near” where they are today without HPE’s continued support.

Malte Dummel


“With HPE, I have found true partners and supporters on our mission. I find working together fantastic because, I not only get the deal team if I need them, but the entire firm. Everyone’s style is to support me as an entrepreneur on my personal journey as well as creating a unique and highly impactful business.

Philip Roesch-Schlanderer


HPE promised more than only funds to grow. And they delivered. They actively supported me, the team and the business to grow faster, hire better people and make fewer mistakes.

Luuc Elzinga

Founder of Tiqets

Our impact

An investment platform where purpose and growth meet

We are on a mission to build world-class technology and purpose-driven growth organizations. Discover how sustainability is ingrained in our DNA.
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