Mission, purpose
& values

We believe in the power of technology.

As a responsible investor, we leverage digital technology to solve current environmental and social problems.
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Our mission

We invest in and scale purpose-driven digital technology companies and help them become world-class, efficient, sustainable organizations.

Our Purpose

To leverage the power of technology to solve current environmental and social problems.

Our Values


Driven by the pursuit of successful investment outcomes and the strong commitment to delivering value to our investors, portfolio companies and team.


Adhering to high standards of honesty, fairness and accountability on all aspects of our operations, and committing to ethical and transparent business practices.


Requiring strong communication, coordination and mutual respect among team members, as well as a shared commitment to the fund’s mission. Leveraging the unique skills and experiences of each team member.


Building confidence and reliance through our fund’s consistent and transparent communication, our commitment to ethical and responsible investment practices, and delivering strong investment returns.


Valuing and actively seeking diverse perspectives and backgrounds to create an inclusive culture, while recognizing and leveraging the power of diversity to drive innovation, growth and value creation.