World class technology for people and the planet

As a responsible investor, we use our business to encourage responsible business practices

We invest in an scale technology companies and help them become world-class, efficient, sustainable organizations.

Our journey began in 2009, and we will continue to look for ways to strengthen our approach through partnerships, certifications, and by aligning ourselves with internationally recognized standards.

In 2022, we also joined a community of +6000 certified B Corps worldwide. 

Our B Corp Profile

Our commitment

Our commitment to use our business to encourage responsible business practices informs and guides our ESG agenda

In our continuous effort to make sustainability a fundamental part of our business approach, we focus on sustainable practices and initiative across two dimensions of our operations: our own operations and our portfolio.
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We use different global sustainability standards and reporting frameworks as part of our investment cycle
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As a B Corp, we are living up to using our business as a force for good

At HPE Growth, we continuously strive to further integrate sustainability into our business approach. Being a B Corp has therefore resulted in a number of initiatives within our firm:

Environmental Stewardship & Climate Change

Inclusion & 
Diversity (I&D)

Employee Health & 


For us, ESG is about driving improvements on ESG performance and how an organization manages risks and opportunities around sustainable issues. Through our investments in four technology sectors, we steer towards responsible business practices by means of establishing materiality and ESG maturity, executing on our ESG strategy and active engagement and guidance.
Our focus

Building a diverse, inclusive and international work culture

Supporting management teams of our portfolio companies in accelerating growth depends almost entirely on the performance of its people.
More companies are seeing that diverse and inclusive teams have the best access to talent, operate more effectively and inspire employees to perform their best.

We consider it our duty and responsibility to promote diversity, inclusion and equality within our portfolio companies, as well as help to create a happy, secure and integral workplace.
Our current memberships and partnerships

Diversity and inclusion are embedded into HPE Growth. We believe that appropriate representation of women, nationalities and minorities lead to a better work environment and better business decisions. As such, HPE has launched a D&I initiative that fosters its belief in the importance of diversity, equality and inclusion.

Ayoni Guda

Head of ESG and Compliance Officer

HPE Growth follows its intention and mission to leverage its position as a technology investor to influence better and positive outcomes. We believe in the power of technology as a contributor to solutions for current environmental and social issues.

Tim and Manfred

Managing Partners

Our Sustainability Report

We annually inform our investors and stakeholders on how ESG matters are developing in our portfolio companies  and within our own organization.

Our Responsible Investment Policy

We stay at the forefront of ESG developments, for which we continuously review and update our Responsible Investment policy.
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Following the EU regulation on sustainability-related disclosures (2019/2088), SFDR, HPE Growth is required to make certain disclosures with regards to its products. Read our full SFDR disclosures here.
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