HPE Growth attracts minority GP investment from Family Office

HPE Growth attracts minority GP investment from Family Office as to further expand its growth-stage tech investment platform

August 22, 2023

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands – HPE Growth is proud to welcome the Nieland Family Office to the General Partnership (GP).

Philipp Nieland is a serial tech entrepreneur who founded PPRO, Dock Financial and several other successful tech companies across the globe. PPRO was HPE Growth’s first FinTech investment and contributed to the early success of HPE Growth. As such, Philipp Nieland and HPE have been working together for the past 11 years.  

The Nieland Family Office and HPE Growth will join forces to invest in the HPE platform next growth phase. The Family Office joins the GP of HPE Growth as a minority shareholder adding complementary expertise and a broad network of next generation technology entrepreneurs investing in digital businesses in Europe. The new partnership brings a significant investment capital to HPE Growth as it advances its “single strategy – multi-products” platform approach, focused on scaling digital business models in Europe across distinct private fund products including HPE’s latest Digital Climate impact fund.  

In addition, the transaction supports the realignment of the shareholder group while addressing the succession planning for the future. With growing activity of GP stake partnerships, such as several others including Coller Capital, MML and Armen, HPE Growth is taking advantage of converging events to raise capital whilst strengthening the platform.  

As an established growth investment platform in digital technology with a track record and recognised footprint in Europe, HPE Growth is excited to partner with the Nieland Family Office, which does not only bring operational expertise, innovative investment strategies and a deep knowledge of the technology industry, but also allows the GP to increase its GP commitment per fund going forward; this including the current products in the market (“HPE Growth Fund III” (SFDR article 8) and its impact product, the “Digital Climate Fund” (SFDR article 9)).  

“We are thrilled to welcome the Nieland Family given our long-term relationship of over 10 years”, said Tim van Delden, Managing Partner and Founder of HPE Growth. “The permanent investment capital will be invaluable in our efforts to grow our investment platform, maintain the highest professional investment standards and expand our offering across distinct products. We are convinced that such a partnership will help us achieve even greater success and further solidify our position in the market.”

HPE Growth remains managed by the existing senior leadership team, including Frederic Huynen who is promoted to a member of the HPE Growth Management Team. While the Nieland Family Office will actively support in extending and diversifying HPE Growth’s investor base as well as support through its network HPE Growth’s proprietary deal sourcing, the Nieland Family Office will not take up any operational or investment decision role in the GP, but remains a strategic shareholding partner.  

“We believe that the long-term oriented partnership between HPE Growth and our family office is a perfect match”, added Philipp Nieland. “For over 10 years we have been working together. Knowing HPE Growth’s team, investment philosophy and thorough approach to value creation, we have a strong conviction in the future of HPE Growth and the plans for the next years as the firm evolves as a true investment platform. With our investment and complementary expertise, we wish to add significant value to the HPE Growth team and the existing capabilities. We are excited to continue building a strong, growing firm that delivers value, return and innovation to the tech industry.”

With this move, HPE Growth further solidifies its investment platform for digital technology in Europe and ability to expand its offering. The firm is dedicated to maintaining its focus on delivering strong returns for its investors while having positive impact. The firm is furthermore excited to take this next step in its evolution following other recent milestones, including being awarded the B Corp Certified status as one of the first Pan-European technology growth investors.

This transaction is subject to customary regulatory approval.  

For more information on HPE Growth and its investment offerings, please visit www.hpegrowth.com .

About HPE Growth

Established in 2010, HPE Growth is an established sector specialist pan-European private equity firm focused on growth capital investments in early to mid-stage technology companies throughout Europe with assets under management in excess of EUR 500 million. HPE Growth applies a single strategy across multi-product offerings in digital technology.

HPE Growth invests in high-growth software and internet-enabled businesses that have steered through the risks associated with early, venture-type investments and have an option to leverage their proven technology and the status of a (local) champion. By bringing in additional equity and active support, HPE Growth acts as a catalyst to expansion and enables portfolio companies to execute on their vision of securing market leadership. Typically, HPE Growth aims to deploy about EUR 10 to 40 million in equity per transaction for a meaningful minority or majority position. Portfolio investments include companies such as PPRO, Tiqets, eGym, Uberall and WeTransfer (B Corp).

About Nieland Family Office

The Nieland family created its wealth through investing in and running technology companies across the globe over the last 20 years. The core focus is on companies with a digital business model. – The investment philosophy is built around certain values, such as building long-term and strategic partnerships as well as good business ethics.


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