Philipp Nieland

Senior Advisor and Chairman of the Advisory Board

Philipp Nieland is Chairman of the GP Advisory Board at HPE Growth. He moved into his current role as Chairman in 2023, in which he will actively support the partnership in strengthening the firm as minority shareholder.

Prior to HPE, Philipp has founded several successful tech companies across the globe, including Dock Financial and PPRO. PPRO is HPE Growth’s first FinTech investment and contributed to the early success of the investment platform. As co-founder of one of our portfolio companies, Philipp has been working together with HPE for the past 11 years to grow his digital business. Philipp also founded Avalanche Investments GmbH in 2012, where he acted as CEO for 9 years until 2021.

Philipp currently leads the Nieland Family Office as Founder, and continues being involved as serial entrepreneur and FinTech investor.